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natural treatment for hair loss and fallout

Root Causes of Hair Loss and a Whole Bunch of Natural Solutions

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If you’ve ever brushed your hair and had a little too much come out in your brush, a few too many days in a row, you have my sympathy.  I’ve been there too.  “I don’t want to go bald!” I’ve heard panicking voices state in my clinic. 

Me too, girl, me too.  

Even if other people don’t notice, if your hair is thinner than it once was, it’s a major blow to your confidence.

In Chinese Medicine, hair loss is classified as a symptom of “Blood Deficiency.”  The idea is that your body has 4 major Essences:  Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang.  Blood, and with it, Yin, becomes deficient as a result of age, childbirth, stress, not sleeping enough, or improper diet. 


After Pregnancy

After giving birth, your system is depleted of Blood and Qi.  Blood Deficiency is the underlying cause of the post-partum hair loss, post-partum depression, fatigue, and some types of constipation.  

In TCM, we recommend post-partum women stay indoors for at least one month as to not have exposure to "wind," which brings with it many illnesses.  

Also, post-partum, it's important to eat warm, nourishing foods like mutton, eggs, bone broth, and congee.  A post-partum herbal remedy mostly consisting of Dong Gui (Angelica root) is recommended.  Consuming your placenta after birth helps the hormonal shift from being too jarring.  


The changes of hormones often reflect Yin or Yang deficiency.  Women who have not depleted their adrenals (our reservoir of Yin and Yang energy) with stress and over-work fare better.   

Most hormone changes in life are normal and expected, but symptoms will show up if our nutrition or stress levels throw us off-kilter.  Or if we're consuming too many toxic substances (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, medications, greasy/refined/preserved food, etc.) 


Not allowing ourselves a break from constant go-go-go energy or not getting enough rest at night is the worst.  For me, when my hair starts to fall out a little more than expected, it’s my sign to take things down a notch.  

- learn meditation (& practice daily)

- prioritize sleep

- is there anything you're not 100% excited about to take off your "to-do" list?

- move purposefully for 15 minutes (minimum) every day

- go outside (regardless of the weather) for 20 minutes (minimum) each day

Thyroid Imbalance

Again, we need to asses your stress levels.  Your adrenal (stress, energy, hormone glands) are intricately linked to your thyroid.  The symptoms are almost identical.  

Many people with wonky thyroids have iodine deficiencies.  Almost everyone could benefit from the relaxing properties of seaweed, a natural form of protein-bound iodine that's very safe to take.  Ashwaganda is an herbal medicine that also has protein-bound iodine and is calming in nature.  

Another potential endocrine disruptor are toxins.  Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, or lead commonly bind to the iodine receptor sites on your thyroid and cause malfunctioning.


Food remedies for healthy hair include Blood-nourishing proteins, herbs, and plants; mineral-dense vegetables; healthy fats and oils to optimize your food-based supplies of vitamin E and D.

Everyone has different needs; and we also have different needs at different times in our life.  Eating organic, hormone-free, humanely-raised meat is normal and if you feel like you need it, then eat it.  Just keep it balanced with at least 75% of your diet coming from non-meat sources. 

Other Blood-nourishing foods to include in your diet:  yams, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, quinoa, bell peppers, saurkraut, sprouts, celery, cucumbers, bitter greens like dinosaur kale or mustard greens.  

In other words, go through the produce aisle and pick a variety of what is in season.  Figure out some new recipes.  Get creative.  I just throw things together and am constantly amazed at how easy and delicious it is to cook healthy.  Another plus:  vegetables are relatively inexpensive.

Blood nourishing herbs like Dang Gui, Rehmannia, and Schisandra you can get by herbal prescription from your local acupuncturist or herbalist.

Mineral-dense foods include organic root veggies (onion, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, etc.), seaweed, and alfalfa.

For your body to produce enough hormones, you need healthy fats:

    • Coconut Oil (Ok to fry with or cook at high temperatures)
    • Butter (from grass-fed cows; also OK to cook with at high temperatures) 
    • Whole, Organic Milk and Dairy (ideally unpasteurized)
    • Olive Oil (for salad dressing or cooking at very low temperatures)
    • Wheat Germ Oil (supplementing this helped grow back my hair after my 2nd baby)
    • Flax Seed Oil
    • Essential Oils (powerful and medical-grade if pure)
    • Grapeseed Oil


I have been blessed with an extremely sensitive scalp.  I used to regularly burn it with toxic chemicals trying to change the color of my hair.  Most shampoos caused extreme dryness and itching on my scalp.  I’ve tried just about every shampoo on the market:  commercial hair products in my youth, stuff from the health food store as I got older, and still troubles!  I tried fancy stuff from specialty stores.  I tried everything.  And still I had the same problem.  My scalp said “no.”

Until I ran across a brand called Morrocco Hair Method.  Anthony Morrocco, a “hair shaman,” worked for years in a top salon in NYC, then traveled the world learning different indigenous cultures’ hair cutting ...magic.  He learned about treating the hair and scalp with herbs to prolong the beauty and health of the hair and scalp.  He learned the ancient Brazilian method of hair cutting to strengthen, lengthen, or beautify your hair according to the phase of the moon.  He created this amazing shampoo, conditioner, product, and henna line.

Be forewarned:  your scalp and hair will look great after using the products, but the application process is unlike any you’ve ever experienced.  The shampoos are very DRY.  There are no bubbles; it's not the typical feeling you're used to from conventional shampoo. 

Another thing I switched years ago is away from toxic dyes.  I just use henna now.  I can’t have “Heather Locklear” blonde anymore, but I’ve actually always wanted to be a redhead anyway.  Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ oncologist said that her brain tumor was probably from the toxins including coal tar that were in her hair dye. 

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