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Why We Need Organ Meats: Like Cures Like


In nature, it's normal for an animal to eat the placenta of her newborn.  

Traditionally, the organs were the prized part of a slaughtered animal.  Because traditional societies recognized that's where the bulk of the nutrition is.  

In America, we think it’s “gross,” or simply “medical waste.”  

I truly believe that my fast recovery after childbirth was due, in part, to the placenta capsules that my midwife made for me.  The placenta contains oxytocin – the “feel-good” hormone and is said to prevent post-partum depression and stimulate milk production. 

Organ meat, called “offal,” (coincidentally?) is pronounced kind of like “awful.”  The taste of organ meat (and the texture!), takes some getting used to.  

One option is to grind the organ meat into your regular meat.  If you have a good relationship with a butcher, maybe they can do that for you.  

Organ meat contains a different nutritional make-up from the animal muscle tissue that we're used to eating.  For example, heart is full of Co-Q10.  It has about 3 or 4 times more than regular meat.  Co-Q10 is an enzyme that regulates muscle tissue recovery, including your heart health.  

Liver contains about 17 times the amount of B12 than ground beef!  It also contains a large amount of folate, which is difficult to obtain in other foods except for in legumes and dark leafy green vegetables.  Plus, liver is one of the best sources of vitamin A, which is essential for tissue healing and skin health.  

One of the nutritional therapies we offer in our clinic includes consuming organs. 

Known as “protomorphogens,”  they're encapsulated organs.  

The idea, based on the work of Dr. Royal Lee, is that the cellular pattern of the organs serves as a template for our body to recognize and copy.  

In other words, our body registers this cellular substance that we eat, such as bovine liver, as a similar pattern to our own liver and therefore will help to spur healing of our liver through the pattern recognition.   

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