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Stretch and Strengthen Your Neck with This Easy Core Exercise

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This is a basic core activation that can strengthen your whole spine, up into your neck. 

We’ll start by lying down on the ground.  Bring your knees right above your hips. 

From here, I want you to tilt your pelvis so your lower back is in full contact with the ground.  Make sure when you do this that your knees don’t move in toward your chest.  Keep them in the same position. 

This activates your lower abdominal muscles.

This may be enough for you and that’s ok to stop here, take a few deep, slow breaths and repeat 2 or 3 more times. 

If you want to work this into your shoulders and neck, lift your arms up to the ceiling, really pushing through your shoulders so they lift off the ground a bit.  Flex your hands. 

Next, see if you can lift your neck a little off the ground.  You want to gaze between your knees. 

Feel as though there’s a long line from your tailbone up through the top of your head.

You should feel a lot of things going on here! 

  • Feet flexed
  • Lower abdominals engaged
  • Shoulders pushing
  • Neck stretching long (important:  not craning upward!)
  • Breathing slow and deep

Stay here and take a few deep slow breaths, then slowly lower and repeat 2 or 3 more times. 

You can do this exercise every day if you find it helpful.   

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