Pain Relief Masterclass.


You don't have to live with tension, pain, neuropathy, and other discomforts despite what you may have been told.  


I'm Nicole Lentfer, and I've been a licensed acupuncturist for over 20 years.


I created a system of pain relief that really works based on my extensive background in posture science, yoga, martial arts, dance, and kinesiology.  

In the PAIN-RELIEF Masterclass, you learn about:

  • Primal Posture: How to stand, wait, bend, lift, sit, sleep, walk, run, jump, and beyond... with healthy posture. It's based on parts of the world where virtually nobody has back pain.   
  • Nerve Flossing, Gliding and Stretching: Learn the proper techniques of yoga so it helps you instead of hurting, how to relieve sciatic pain and tennis elbow in minutes, how to eliminate knee pain, and SO MUCH MORE!  
  • Dynamic Stretching: Learn how to safely stretch to improve your functional range of motion, get more balanced, and actually get stronger too.  You'll start to "reverse age."  
  • Strengthening: These are the things we all "should" be doing, but we tend to skip it.  We take it slow, and use our breathing techniques so our body knows it's safe and can start to make lasting changes.  
  • Home "Therapy": Learn how to foam roll (in a way that doesn't hurt!) and choose the right supplements and herbs for you.  You'll need fewer treatments at the chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist.  
  • 15-Minute Routines: Putting it all together in a way that works for your busy lifestyle.  By the end of the course, you'll be able to recover from pains and injuries in a short time.  Finally reach those fitness and health goals!  

What is an offer without a BONUS?

You will also get:

  • Personalized Support: 
    • Weekly meeting for Q&A and implementation
    • Regular action-taking reminders 
    • Downloadable action sheets with photos
    • Detailed, captioned videos explaining each exercise  
    • The entire 8 Piece Brocade Qi Gong set
    • 3 specialized yoga routines 
    • Recovery from upper body tension
    • Intro to Tango Posture: important if you want to be a bad-a$$ dancer!
    • Twerkin' - How isolating those hips and glutes can change hormone issues

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My Path to Natural Healing


I want to help you get to the root of what's going on with your health so you stay healthy and enjoy your life.

I understand that people want more from their healthcare provider than pills and quick-fix band-aids that don't fix the problem. 

I taught myself yoga over 30 years ago from a book I read in middle school. The author said to understand yoga, the yoking of the mind and body, to do the poses 30 days in a row, and hold each pose for an "honest 10 counts." After the 30 days, I knew I had stumbled across a beautiful secret — the power of healing, calming, and strengthening your body through breath, Prana, or Qi.

My interest in natural healing peaked while going to the UT in Austin. I had a bout of health issues, particularly horrific cystic acne, that wouldn't clear up. With my frequent trips to the student clinic, I realized that Western medicine had few answers for me.


My interest in natural healing peaked while going to the UT in Austin.


I had a bout of health issues, particularly horrific cystic acne, that wouldn't clear up. With my frequent trips to the student clinic, I realized that Western medicine had few answers for me.

I went to an acupuncture clinic on a whim. I found it in the phone book (for youngsters, this is what people in the "olden days" used to use to find businesses).

Working with the acupuncturist was different…and better than I expected! Within one month, my skin was clear, I had newfound energy, and I felt fantastic.


I had seen the light, and I wanted more.

One of the things I learned from that formative experience was the importance of nutrition. After that, I dove into all the books on nutrition that I could get my hands on. I taught myself how to cook healthy meals, why buying organic and seasonal foods matters, and how to use the energy of food to heal.

With a base of good nutrition, I found that maintaining health with herbal medicine, acupuncture, and exercise is a breeze.

I studied traditional Chinese medicine and received my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Herbology from the Texas Health and Science University in Austin.

Around that same time, my interest in Chinese health culture led me to studying Chinese Kung Fu. Not only did it strengthen my body, but it heightened my awareness, and I felt more confidence and strength that I knew was possible for me.

After having my second child in 2013, I took a break from martial arts and got back into dance, something that I loved as a kid, and has always been a part of my life.


A natural medicine practitioner needs to understand Western diagnoses, the medications people come in with, and how these modern health problems may be due to improper diet, stress, and lousy posture. We can remedy these problems with natural solutions.


A few years into my practice, I decided to further my studies in natural healing by doing internships and intensive study programs with master practitioners in the field: Richard Tan (balance method acupuncture), Dr. Devi Nambudripad (NAET), Dr. Jimmy Chang (pulse diagnosis), and Standard Process' group of doctor teachers (applied clinical nutrition).

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