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acupuncture for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia - 8 Underlying Reasons for This Mysterious Pain Syndrome

fibromyalgia pain relief

Fibromyalgia is a complex illness that's relatively new.  It motsly impacts women, but men can get it too.  

Symptoms include having multiple areas of intense pain, especially upon even slight touch.  This condition usually occurs with other symptoms like insomnia, depression, and extreme fatigue.

I’m happy to say that there is hope for people who suffer with fibromyalgia.  Acupuncture has been shown to relieve the number of tender points, the severity of the pain, and help improve emotional stability.  I see it time and time again in my clinic as well.  Acupuncture works.  

Whereas Western Medicine claims there's no solution, I've seen many people make a full recovery once we figure out the root cause and treat it.  

Root Causes of Fibromyalgia

  • compression of a nerve:  this type can improve with acupressure, exercises, or chiropractic care
  • undiagnosed allergies — mainly food sensitivities such as gluten or dairy; an elimination diet for 3 weeks is helpful to try
  • sugar imbalances — can be a side-effect of diabetes or high carbohydrate intake and can be resolved with dietary changes and herbal medicines
  • trauma or stress — physical or emotional trauma can create a “pain loop” in the nervous system that acupuncture can help to resolve.  Herbal remedies can help your adrenal glands regulate your body’s stress response better.  There are also herbs and nutrients that help you (and your muscles!) relax.
  • nutrient deficiencies — basically degeneration of body tissues due to mineral (magnesium, iodine, trace minerals, zinc, etc.) and other nutrient (B6, 9, 12, D, etc.) deficiencies.  You may say, “but I’m taking all of those!”   But are you taking food-based nutrients or synthetic vitamins?  MOST vitamins on the market are synthetic, and your body may not be absorbing them.  They sometimes cause more problems than they fix.
  • toxins — our environment is very toxic.  We’re often born into a toxic womb because all toxins from past generations get passed down there!  And now you can add in there chemical fumes, food chemicals, the stuff in unfiltered water, medications, radiation from cell towers and technology, etc. 
  • yang qi deficiency - when your body's warming Qi (energy) is not quite there, you are going to have pain and fatigue.  We treat this condition with acupuncture, moxa, and warming foods and herbs. 
  • immune system issues - whether or not you've been diagnosed with an auto-immune dis-ease, we can figure it out in our office with NRT (Nutrition Response Testing).  If your body is having an immune challenge, we'll recommend herbs to help.  

Rather than take 10 different presciptions from your doctor, trying to chase all these symptoms, why not let us figure out the root cause of your body pain and some natural fixes? 

I'm a Different Person

A few months ago at my wits end with extreme pain (9/10), I attended a Fibromyalgia support meeting conducted by Nicole Lentfer.  From that night on, I am a different person.  Like many others before me I trid all the conventional “western medicines” with no relief.  fter having a “mini-trial” treatment that night, I put 100% trust in the staf at the Natural Health Center (whom I now refer to as “my kids.”)  After undergoing regular acupuncture and NAET treatments, I would say I am very much calmer, relaxed – with less pain and have more energy.  It has now reduced that daily pain level to a 3/10.  I find myself living thru times of stress without it eacerbating my pain or draining my energy.  The stress just comes in and floats away – it’s truly amazing!!  And I am not stopping there – I am continuing treatments.  I look forward to playing with mygrand-kids pain-free one day and look back on this experience as a special part of my life.  Thanks to Nicole, Sarah, Melissa, & Kim – my “kids”!!  ~Becky G.

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