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Chinese New Year 2024 Predictions


Chinese New Year 2024 starts Feb. 10 ~ 


The Year of the Wood Dragon.  

Wood is a "Heavenly Stem," of which there are 10:  5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) and Yin and Yang versions of each.  

Dragon is one of the 12 "Early Branches."  

The cycle of pairs of Heavenly Stems (10) and Earthly Branches (12) repeats every 60 years.  So if you're a Wood Dragon, happy 60th Birthday!

What does this year have in store for us?

Traditionally, the Chinese zodiac is kind of like an Almanac - weather precictions for farmers.

2024 - especially from April (the Dragon MONTH) to December (the Rat month) will be some "wild-n-wooly weather."  

Since the Dragon is an Earth sign, could be earthquakes, fires, etc.  

Recommendation - have your emergency kit and plans at the ready.

Other than that, the Dragon year, this one in particular, is a more balanced year than the last 3, which have been more "intense" years.  

It may bring some strange and unexpected luck - like "close calls."  

If your personal Chinese Astro chart is WATER - it will either be especially GOOD or not so good for you. 

For this, you'll need to know your Ba Zi (Chinese Astro chart).  It's NOT the year you're born, but the DAY that's most important for knowing your personal element.  

From there, you'd also need to know if you have a "strong" or "weak" chart and what your "lucky" elements are.  You need the help of an astrologer for this.  (LMK!) 

Other than that, it's looking to be a pretty fortunate year.  

Dog Year people and other Dragons may not like this year too much.  

Folks born in the Dog Year don't feel entirely at home with the Dragon's bombastic nature.  And other Dragons may feel uncertain and lack confidence this year.  

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I wish you a lucky, safe, and healthy year! 

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