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acupuncture for headaches and migraines

How Acupuncture Works for Quick and Easy Headache and Migraine Relief


Headaches and migraines are no fun. 

Fortunately, acupuncture offers some relief.  Within about 10 minutes of needle insertion, you should start to feel some relief from the pain.  


If your headaches are due to allergies, acupuncture and NAET offer some permanent relief from the sinus pressure, itchy eyes, congestion, and drainage.  Also, there are some herbal remedies and nutritional remedies support healthy sinus mucosa.  


If the cause of your headaches is mainly tension, acupuncture is the best bet for relief.  Acupuncture eases tension in your body by temporarily relaxing your sympathetic nervous system, your “fight or flight system.” 

Other ideas for relieving stress and tension include

  • Bending or yielding instead of pushing and resisting 
  • Let go of outdated ideas and people who no longer fit the life you want for yourself
  • Be OK with saying “No” to things that overwhelm (or under-whelm) you

Side effects may include better sleep, more energy during the work day, and improved moods.  


Some headaches are due to poor posture or imbalanced muscles (especially in the neck, upper back, or jaw).  

In addition to the acupuncture points that relieve the headaches, we also chose points that ease tension in the neck, jaw, and back.  We'll also make recommendations for better posture and exercises that can re-balance your muscles.  


We target the root cause(s) of your migraines with acupuncture.  Certain points connect via your nervous system to the areas where you’re experiencing pain – even if it’s your whole head.  Not only is the pain relief instantaneous, but over time, most of our patients notice less intensity and less frequency of the migraines.  

Migraines are a type of "Liver Wind" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Your Liver regulates the flow of Qi (energy) in your body and migraines are a sign that it's rebelling.  

If your Liver has "no root," the Qi can rebel and cause a headache or migraine.  The underlying cause of this is typically stress or nutritional deficiencies.  

Things you can do to root your Qi include:

  • Acupuncture (of course)
  • Eat root vegetables (sweet potatoes, onion, carrot, beets, etc.)
  • Eat more healthy fats and oils
  • Deep breathing
  • Submersing in water (a baths with one cup of Epsom salts or swimming in a large body of natural water is the best)
  • Going barefoot outside (especially on the grass, rocks, or sand)
  • Anointing your body with oils or – even better – have someone massage oil on you!
  • Laying down quietly.  TV or computer use may cause more rebellious qi.
  • Meditation 


We treat cluster headaches with points found on your hands and feet.  The treatment experience is usually relaxing, and most people notice some overall improvements within just a few weeks.  Our patients report less frequency and intensity of headaches, and for many people, resolution of the problem within a relatively short period of time.  


After seeing a medical doctor about a concussion, or after surgery, people who get acupuncture heal around 2 or 3 times faster.  Acupuncture speeds along the healing process of injuries.  It works by improving circulation to the area that we’re focusing on.  A typical response is that people feel about 40% improved after 3 or 4 treatments.  Some people respond faster, and other slower.  It depends on the extent of damage and also your overall health.  Either way, acupuncture helps!   

Migraines a Thing of the Past

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nicole for over a year and she and her practice have done miracles for my health and wellbeing! Migraines and pain all gone! She has a completely new approach to wellness and healthcare, and it comes with real results. If you’re looking for a safe, holistic approach, look no further than Natural Health Center.

~ Madelyn


Bye-bye Meds!

“I started with some very horrible neck pain and headaches. After taking herbs, vitamins, and cupping sessions, I feel like a different person. I enjoy knowing that one day I may be Rx free. I was on Lexapro for approximately 8 years and I have not been on it for a month and feel 100% better than when I was on it. NHC has changed my life!”  

~ Alicia


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