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acupuncture for irregular periods

How to Stop Your Irregular Period Without Surgery or Pills

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Heavy periods?  Too many periods in a month?  We’ve got you covered, boo.

In Western Medicine, you're given 2 options:  the pill (or other hormonal medications) or surgery.  That's it?!  And if you're young, neither option sounds great.  

Thankfully, TCM has studied this issue for thousands of years and there are ACTUAL, REAL solutions that work.  

In TCM, there are several potential root causes for irregular periods:  

1. Qi Deficiency – you’ll notice that you feel better with heat.  You may feel tired and have loose stools or weak digestion.  

2. Blood Heat Excess – your tongue will have a bright red color and a thick, yellow coating.  Your (unmedicated) blood pressure may be too high, and it’s easy to feel irritable or restless.  

3. Yin Deficiency Heat – excess bleeding can cause Yin Deficiency and Yin Deficiency makes the bleeding worse: a vicious cycle.  Yin Deficiency has the restlessness like Blood Heat, but it’s clinically different.  A Yin Deficient tongue is red with NO coating.  Your blood pressure is likely to be low, but your heart rate may be high.  

4. Blood Stagnation - may accompany any of the above types.  Stagnation in TCM means there’s pain.  If there’s pain, there’s stagnation, and if there’s stagnation, there’s pain.  

Regardless of the type of problem, there’s something you can try on your own at home to stop the bleeding. 

It’s moxa

You can have it done in our office, or buy these little stick on moxa packs online

***THERE IS A RISK OF INJURY WITH MOXA.  It’s hot, so have a pair of tweezers and a jar or ash tray nearby to rescue yourself if it gets too hot.  Don’t touch moxa directly with your fingers after it’s lit.  Keep your pets and kids away from lit moxa.  Oh, and it’s smoky too, so do it outside or have an open window nearby. 

***Blistering is sometimes normal with moxa.  It’s a sign that a pathogen (dampness) is leaving your body.  If you blister, take care of it as you would any type of blister.  Don’t moxa a blister.  Let it heal before using moxa again.  

Peel the sticker off the back of the moxa, light it as you would a stick of incense, and place it on the side of your big toe (either or both feet) on this point:  

Use this technique every day for 10-15 minutes until the bleeding stops.


1. Ask your ObGyn for an ultrasound to rule out anything more serious.  Insist on it.  

2. Ask your ObGyn what treatment options they recommend.  Get a second and third opinion too.  

3. If you have fibroids or endometriosis, the natural treatment will take several months of care that includes herbal medicines.  

4.  Are you getting enough rest days?  Especially if you’re very active, taking a few days off per week and per month, timed by your menstrual cycle can help keep excessive bleeding at bay.  

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