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COVID recovery with herbs

Healing From COVID Resources and Links

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Got the Coronavirus?  Other than the hassle of quarantining, it’s not a huge problem if you’re generally healthy.  It also helps if you have the right tools on-hand. The surviveability rate for healthy persons under age 40 is around 99.99%. 

But what about the after-effects, the ‘COVID long-haulers’?  I got you.     

Here’s some quick links, facts, and dosages of what I recommend for my patients when they’ve tested + for COVID.  


Congaplex.  3 capsules every 3-4 hours.  Continue taking for 1 week past recovery.  

Andrographis.  2 tablets twice daily.  Continue taking for 1 week past recovery.  

Optional add-ins:

Phlegmy cough:  Broncafect.  2 tablets twice daily.  Take for 1 week past cough recovery.  

Sinus drainage or congestion:  Antronex.  2 tablets 3-4 times daily.  As needed.  

Weakened immunity (previous condition):  Super EFF.  2 capsules twice daily.   Take long-term.  


Congaplex Chewable.  1 tablet every hour, or 3 every 3 hours as needed.  Continue for 1 week past recovery.  

Tuna Oil Chewable.  2 tablets twice daily.  Continue with 2 tablets afterward.  

CQ Jr. Herbal Liquid.  2 dropperfuls 3 times a day as needed.  (order in-office)


So you’ve recovered from the illness, but still have loss of smell or taste, shortness of breath, or fatigue?  Blame the viral surface proteins, or “biofilm.”  It’s a phlegmy-like substance made by the virus so it can attach itself to your cells.  You need to remove it completely from your body to recover.  Several natural remedies exist to do this:

1.  Peppermint or Green Tea.  The tannic acids in these substances help your body expel the viral biofilm.   

2.  Fruits and Vegetables.  Eating a lot of foods rich in natural, whole food vitamin C (Note:  NOT ascorbic acid!) also helps your body’s natural immunities to get rid of invaders.  Also you can try SP’s Cataplex ACP

3.  Garlic.  Another one with natural chemical properties help eliminate pathogenic residue.

Once the virus is eliminated, you can recharge your adrenal glands with herbs like Licorice, Ginseng, and Astragalus.


  • Use a pulse oximeter several times a day when sick. < 88 oxygen saturation means you should go to the ER to get oxygen. 
  • ER nurse said most often folks experience COVID 8-10 days long, chest tightness for 3 days. When I heard this my chest tightness was less scary to bare. You should only go to hospital if under respiratory distress.
  • Take 81mcg of baby aspirin daily to prevent blood clots (Or have Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang + Dan Shen – (Chinese herbs) – 2g of each 3 times a day)
  • An infectious disease doctor also said take 
— Vit E 800 units daily, 
— zinc sulphate 220mg 3 times daily
— VIT C 1000×3 doses daily, 
— 50,000 units vitamin D every 48 for 4 days then reduce to 10,000 units daily
  • Slow, deep box breathing several times a day and getting up to do arm swings or Qi Gong has helped when my O2 dropped even though it can make you feel more tired… Also pounding over LU-1 while humming loudly helped pull up some phlegm to cough out. 
  • Be in sunshine if you can as much as possible. Try your best to stay calm.
  • A really strong brew of ginger + brown sugar + coconut oil boiled has helped dry up my runny nose– which became postnatal drip and a phlegmy cough. Plus it helped the chills that came again even on day 6. When nose is dry, water it down to continue to stay warm keeping nose dry. If it comes back repeat with the stronger ginger drink.
  • You can increase the Broncafect if necessary. It will pull phlegm out of your chest…I can see people thinking it’s making them worse because I also didn’t notice phlegm getting in my lungs because I didn’t need to cough at all. The broncafect showed me I did.
  • Avoid having AC blowing. Keep warm as much as possible. Don’t allow self to get chilled. Keep Tylenol on hand when fever gets too high.
  • Eat lightly like fruits and veggies to allow body to heal. Stay super hydrated with mineral water and electrolytes. Keep around foods high in potassium and zinc.  Having sweet yams were helpful. Juicy fruits like plums, watermelon, pineapple etc.
  • Avoid lying on back. Lie on belly or side if you can to prevent drainage from pooling in chest. 
  • Don’t drink/eat anything cooler than room temp.
  • Avoid dairy, pork, processed sugars.
  • Use a lacrosse ball between the scapula to help with knots from coughing and to open the chest.
  • Find things that are funny; try to laugh and to keep spirit high. 

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