Relieve Neck Pain With Acupuncture, Stretching, and Posture

Acupuncture has worked for thousands of years to help get people out of pain.  

These days, a big culprit is posture, or "tech neck."  Which IS fix-able with the right tools.  

Other underlying issues could be stress or injury. 

Don't worry - chances are it's fix-able with acupuncture and pain relieving exercises. 

The super-tiny needles go mostly into your arms and legs. 

You should start to feel some relief within about 5 minutes.  

For some people, we also include cupping or "gua sha" ("scraping" technique) to speed along the recovery.  

The longer the pain has been an issue, the more treatments it takes to resolve.  Most people feel significant pain relief in just a handful of sessions, though.  

What Else Can Help My Neck Pain?

If you work at a desk, or are bending down looking at small children all day, or if you have a cranky, stiff neck, try this stretch for your neck. 

Take a handful of your hair from the lower back part of your head. (Sorry, my beautiful, bald ones, I’ll list another stretch below for you.)

Pull your hair slightly back and up when you have a handful of hair. As you do this, you should feel a nice stretch through your neck's vertebrae (spinal bones). The ideal neck posture is a straight spine all the way up to the top. 

Do this exercise a few times throughout the day to remind yourself of proper neck posture.

neck pain stretch

Another quick neck traction exercise:  

Lay down on the ground and place a broomstick perpendicular to your body, just under the base of your skull. Place your hands on either side of the stick – either side of your neck - and pull the stick toward the top of your head.

When it reaches the occipital region, where your skull meets your neck bones, you should feel a good stretch through your neck.

Hold it for a few deep breaths and repeat 3-5 times. 

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