Acupuncture and Other Natural Solutions for Wrist and Hand Pain 

acupuncture for wrist pain and carpel tunnel

How Does it Work?

To address wrist or hand pain, the needles mostly go into your foot, ankle, or leg.  Acupuncture works via the nervous system, and your whole body is interconnected. 

You should feel reduction in pain and improved mobility within minutes.  

In 4 treatments, most people feel around 30-40% improved.  The longer the issue has been around, the longer it takes to address with natural treatment.  But you should feel positive changes in just a handful of sessions.  

Other Natural Solutions for Carpel Tunnel,

Wrist Pain, and Neuropathy

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve. This nerve spans the arm's length and travels into the hand, passing through the carpal tunnel, a small pathway within the wrist surrounded by ligaments and bone. 

Here are five signs that you may have carpal tunnel:

  1. Pain
  2. Numbness
  3. Tingling
  4. Weaker grip
  5. Tendency to drop things

Many people may experience these symptoms because of long hours on the computer.

Here are ways you can reduce wrist pain with these simple exercises so that you can avoid surgery. 


Here are ways you can reduce wrist pain with these simple exercises so that you can avoid surgery. 

Find a comfortable place to sit. 

1 – WRIST ROTATIONS. Rotate your wrists slowly with a full range of motion – wrists and fingers are going in opposite directions all the way around in a circle. The emphasis is on slow. If you get stuck in a spot, don't rush past it. After eight times in one direction, switch and do the other direction. 

2 – FINGER MOBILITY. Have your palms face up and squeeze your fingers in, one at a time, like a fan. Try to reverse it.

3 – WRIST STRETCH. Make a light fist and have your knuckles touch completely. Place both knuckles on the floor, as shown here. Control how much weight goes into your wrists; don't go too hard. You can also control the sensation by bending and straightening your elbows. 

4 – WRIST MOBILITY. Hands and feet are on the ground; fingers are facing backward. Again, control the amount of weight going into your hands and wrists in a comfortable way. Slowly peel your palm and up to your fingers away from the ground. Your hands can end up walking around in a circle this way. Get the full range of motion all the way through your fingers. 

5 – STRENGTH BUILDING. Start on your knees with your fingers pointing toward your toes, and (VERY IMPORTANT) your shoulders, back, and hips stay in one line. When you go down, your elbows graze your sides. If you can't do this (1) without holding your breath, (2) without crunching your shoulders up to your ears, or (3) without your elbows flaring out to the sides, don't do it yet. Just hold it as far down as you can and come back up. Do 3-8 with the best form you can. Do another 3-8 with your palms facing in (elbows go out to the sides) and another 3-8 facing the palms out. 

6 – WRIST AND SHOULDER FLOSS. Using your top leg to balance, lift yourself into a side plank. Don't do this (1) if it hurts your wrist, (2) if your shoulders are bunching up to your ears, or (3) you can't keep your balance. In that case, do a modified version lying on your side or on your elbow, which I'll show in a second. From your shoulders to your hips, it's like you're sandwiched between 2 parallel walls. Your hands are pushing in opposite directions as if they're pushing against two other walls that are at right angles to your body. When you feel the opposition through your arms, make the upper hand into a fist and rotate your wrist. Make sure to do both sides.

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