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Sometimes, after one or two treatments, people think, "well, maybe it's just not for me."  

Which is too bad, because it really is for EVERYONE.  

Acupuncture has been around for nearly 5,000 years!  Because it works.  And it works faster, better, and more efficiently if you follow these simple strategies.  

Acupuncture Moves Your "Stuck Energy" 

That's it.  Stuck energy, or "Qi Stagnation," happens from things like stress, eating foods that don't support your body's needs, bad habits like not sleeping enough or overworking, genetic tendencies, toxins in the environment, and accidents.  

If you feel better after acupuncture, but the same problems keep recurring, it's because of something that you're doing, something you're not doing, OR something's happening that you're not aware of. 

This guide is designed to help you understand what those things may be.  

In This Guidebook -

  • How to FINALLY Quiet Your Mind
  • Eating with Intention (even if it's pizza)
  • Why You Need to STOP Using Ice
  • Stop Stressing "Going to the Gym" - Do THIS Instead
  • Why Some People Don't Get Chronic Pain

Hi! I'm Nicole Lentfer, a licensed acupuncturist for 20+ years, parent, and exercise-enthusiast. I like to help people get healthy, naturally, through my in-office work with acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition, and my online mobility classes. If you're wanting more information on how to tackle a persistent health issue, I'm here for you.

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Your body needs regular, physical care. Acupuncture can help with that! Rather than thinking of it as a means to an end, think of it as body maintenance. Just like brushing your teeth.

Acupuncture works!

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