Take control of your health.


You have goals - you want to eat healthy, go hiking, run around with your family or friends.  You want to travel, enjoy food, and do meaningful work.  In other words, live your life and have fun.  


Isn't that the point of it all, anyway? 

But you can't enjoy life if you're not well. 

Sh*t happens, but we shouldn't spend most of our time being tired, in pain, or feeling trapped by our daily stress.

You can only live the life you want when you feel good in your body.

If not, it's time to do something different.

I had a lot of health problems growing up – acne, rashes, constipation, anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, allergies, and insomnia, plus all sorts of headaches, neck pains, back pains, hip pains, foot pains, knee pain, and probably some other things I’m forgetting! 

Fortunately, my illnesses taught me some things. 

  1. We can't outsmart nature. 90% of what we need to heal comes from plants, water, animals, minerals, people, and movement that everyone has (or should have) access to.
  2. The things that work are universal. Things that work stick around.  They're not fads. Acupuncture works. Eating vegetables works. Herbal medicines work. Good posture works.

"I used to have extreme fatigue.  I didn't sleep good, and had regular panic attacks.  I was on a ton of medication and at my wit's end trying to get help from doctors.  No one could figure out what to do other than give me pills.  I was tired of the run-around and finally stumbled upon Nicole.  From the first diagnosis (which was spot on), she worked to find the best solution for my issues. She listened to what I had to say and completely turned my life around.  I don't say that lightly."

(name withheld)


Some of the health lessons I've picked up over the years includes


  • Diets evolve and change over time

    Some people need more (or less) protein.  Food sensitivities and intolerances are real.  Your cravings are telling you something.  

  • We all need to work on our mobility

    Mobilizations help you to feel less pain, activate lazy muscles, and protect your body from injury.  ESPECIALLY if you're very active (or want to be.)   
  • Mental intention is the start

    Your breath can heal you.  We're all under stress. Knowing how to decompress is essential for your QOL (Quality of Life).  Your thoughts create your life.  
  • Herbs are powerful medicines

    Plant medicine is the root (haha) of Western pharmaceutical knowledge.  I say we take it back...to the roots.  


If your goal is to eat healthier, lose weight, or feel less stress - what is your plan to do that? 


What I find is that people tend to fall into one of these 3 camps –

  1. Trying the next new thing – we’ve all been there. And I constantly field questions about “should I try (x)?”  The latest new herb, food, drink, supplement, app, or fitness fad only goes so far.  “Dude, you’ve got to try the P90X!”  Well, that fad’s over, what’s the new one now?  There’s always one! 
  2. Research or “think about it”, but do nothing – “We want to know exactly what we’re getting into here.” 20 Google pages open, but still nervous to try something different.  Or, “I’ll ask my doctor first.” The doctor (who knows nothing about herbology) demurs, so then you don’t try it. 
  3. Ignore the problem, hoping, wishing, and praying it gets better on its own. The ol’ ostrich, head-in-the-sand trick.  I’ve been guilty of this.  Sometimes what gets us to act is when things get bad enough to make us desperate for change.

Life is about balance - not restriction.


We all have different interests, but we also all want to

  • Have down-time to relax, rest, and daydream
  • Have fun, pleasure, and closeness with your loved ones
  • Pursue your dreams and hobbies
  • Eat delicious food that you feel good about
  • Be productive and make a living

What does it mean to be healthy?

Health is more than just not being sick. It's enjoying life and being able to do what you want to do.

Want to learn axe throwing? Sure, why not? Want to take a cruise? I'm down! Want to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl? Just a second now...

The thing about health is it requires maintenance, especially past a certain age.

And it requires adaptation.

Because unexpected things can and will show up.

  • Dealing with a demanding boss or toxic coworker
  • Falling down (past the age of 10) is no joke, but it happens
  • Traffic!  Appointments!  Kids!  Parents!  Bills!  Laundry! 
  • Enjoying too many enchiladas and tequila at your birthday party (or so I heard)

Stuff happens!

And when you understand more about HEALTH, you can figure your way out of most of these jams a lot easier.

"Their back got so bad that they're on medical leave from work."

"She had her foot amputated because she didn't get her diabetes on track."

"His allergies were so bad that he had to move to another city."


All true stories.  

Mostly in situations where the person waited too long to handle the underlying health issue.  When you ignore the small stuff, they eventually turn into big things.

Sure, a day or 2 of bloating is survivable. But what if months go by, then years, and then, you're like, why do I have IBS now?  

One or 2 crampy periods is survive-able. But the next thing you know, the doc says the next step is removing your uterus. 

Your back feels achy after certain movements, off and on. Then "just one day" it seizes up, and you're scheduled for a lifetime of pain pills.  

Taking care of your health goes beyond choosing the 'salad' or 'fish' for dinner. It goes beyond 'stretching' or vague ‘exercising.’

The Natural Health Center has helped me in many ways. My body and overall health is tremendously better than when I went in. I was skeptical about  the process but in reality IT WORKS. Nicole Lentfer is amazing and knows what she is doing

Victoria E.


I have been hospitalized multiple times for my Chron's disease, and was in constant, severe pain before I decided to go to the NHC. Now the pain is less intense and very infrequent if not rare. I can't even remember the last time I have felt this good.

No matter how severe or minor you believe your symptoms or pains may be, I highly suggest the NHC.

- Diane S.


I have struggled with migraines and headaches of all kinds for many years. Traditional doctors just wanted to give me drugs which never worked. The Natural Health Center takes a wholistic approach and seeks to find the source of your pain. With the use of ancient Chinese methods, dietary considerations and supplements, they get to the source of the pain and stop it! 

- Toyya C.


Treating thousands of patients over 20+ years, I know the types of people who get the best results.  It's who takes responsibility for their health.  I can suggest things all day long, but at the end of the day, the action-takers win. 

If you're an action-taker, this is for you. 


Introducing my new program! 

A monthly membership called "Qi Power Hour."

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Less Pain

    You’ll learn my pain-relieving techniques for sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.  It's not about exercising more.  It's about alignment, mobility, and balance.
  • More Energy

    I'm not big on restriction.  I'd rather focus on trying new things. We’ll expand your palate to include easy-to-do and delicious veggies, small plate recipes, energizing breakfasts, and family-friendly fare.
  • Peace of Mind

    Training your mind to be flexible, to not over-think, and to be open to new possibilities.  You can’t just have inner peace, you have to work for it.  Peace is the reward for putting in the effort.  
  • Graceful Aging

    Aging doesn't have to mean loss of function.  Or should we say fun-ction.  It does NOT mean more meds, aching joints, and memory loss.  You can and should be able to enjoy what you want to do.  

    What I want to teach you are the principles and strategies that I use to stay healthy - mentally and physically.


What is Qi Power Hour?

It's a monthly membership program (that you can cancel anytime*). 

It's designed to take you from the common health problems we all get ...

and the confusion you may feel about

* what to eat,

* what to do, and

* what to take to feeling great in your body and knowing exactly what to do when issues arise (as they do). 

There are 4 main parts to Qi Power Hour:

(1) Bi-Monthly Live Classes

Twice a month I'll host LIVE online, recorded sessions with various topics related to your health.  The classes will be at 7 pm (CST) on Wednesday evenings.

We'll have guest experts come in regularly too.  

Some of the upcoming topics include:

  • (11/15/23) Relieve Sciatic Pain With Qi Gong (for lower back and hip strength) with Nick VanDinh
  • (11/29/23) How to Cook Healthy and Delicious Holiday Meals (That Will Become New Family Favorites)
  • (12/13/23) 7 Foam Rolling Techniques That Get Into the Places Your Massage Therapist Can't Reach
  • Get More From Your Yoga Practice (using alignment to improve your postures)
  • 3 Unexpected Ways to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps
  • Cooking for Energy (10 easy, healthy, and fast recipes anyone can make after work)

(2) Natural Healthcare Library

With your membership, you'll have unlimited access to ALL past classes.  

(3) Online Community

You'll be a member of our online community with other like-minded health nuts (I consider that a compliment).  One person's struggle becomes another person's time to shine and help.  

(4) Natural Healthcare System

You'll have access to our 3-part system of Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset. 

What’s Inside 

the Natural Healthcare System


You are what you eat.

Healthy cooking and nutrition

In the Natural Healthcare Nutrition section, you'll find the answers you need for the ultimate question - "What do you want to eat?" 

You'll have at your fingertips, all these resources:

  • the NHC cookbook with over 25 healthy, easy recipes
  • how to do at-home food sensitivity testing
  • specialty diets for weight loss, fatty liver, gout, gall bladder dis-ease, and diabetes
  • find out what foods to eat more of, and what to cut back on, based on traditional medicine 
Kick pain to the curb.

Mobility and Alignment for Managing Pain and Tension

Mobility and exercise are NOT the same thing.  But having mobility will allow you to exercise (if that's a goal) or just to do what you want in life.  

My background in yoga, martial arts, and posture science have allowed me to create unique strategies to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.  

The highlights:

Included in this section is the entire first module of my course, Pain Relief Masterclass.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • how to use Primal Posture to sit, stand, and bend without pain
  • how to do healing, pain-relieving movements properly and effectively 
  • how to release tension in your whole spine
  • how to strengthen your posture so it's easy to maintain all day long
Restoring the Qi...

Mindfulness and Relaxation Practices

I'm a full-time acupuncturist with a busy practice, while simultaneously juggling mom-duties (as a mother of two humans and 1 dog), and my attempts to have a social life, cook healthy meals, and exercise regularly too.

My day-to-day can move very fast with all of the to-do's, and I know yours does too.  Balancing life through mindfulness and breathing helps ground and center in the midst of the chaos.  We all need this.

I'll show you: 

  • how Qi Gong can reign in the mental chatter
  • how to start moving with your breath  
  • how physical balance and strength translates to mental balance and clarity
  • how to release anger in a safe way that really works

Often what holds us back is a silent script in our heads.

Here's What I've Seen Hold People Back:  



  • “I’ve already tried everything.”  Well, then let’s just give up now.  No!  Rephrase – you’ve tried everything that you’ve heard of so far.  Surely there’s more.  You don’t know what you don’t know.


  • “I can’t give up (my favorite foods).”  You may not have to!  But, what if giving it up made you feel better?  Change is scary, but necessary for, well, change!  Think of all the new, exciting things you can add to your life. 


  • “I can’t relax.”  Many people say they’re unable to relax or meditate.  The good news is that’s actually kind of normal. Meditation isn’t about relaxing.  It’s about learning how to control your thoughts. 


  • “This is just how my body is.”  Bodies are so cool because we’re all slightly unique.  And while it’s true that some things won’t change (for example, scoliosis or bones that have been fused together), things can improve.  Nothing stays the same forever.  It’s either getting slightly better or worse over time.  You chose. 


  • “It’s just aging.”  My favorite is when someone’s knee or elbow is hurting, and they chalk it up to aging.  Then I get to ask, “then how old is your other knee/elbow?”  ha-ha.  What’s normal with aging is you heal slower.  Things slow down.  You shouldn’t hurt constantly.  That’s not normal. 

You won’t reach your ideal health randomly.

Ideally, things that you figure out along the way include

  • What foods agree or don’t agree with you
  • How to decompress after a stressful week – without overloading on booze
  • Knowing how to throw together a quick, healthy meal in 5-10 minutes
  • Troubleshooting acute infections without a trip to the doctor’s office
  • Getting rid of a crick in the neck, stiff shoulders, or a sore back in 15 minutes
  • What supplements are a waste of time, and which ones you need every day
  • How to play around safely with junk food, alcohol, caffeine, and psychedelics (!)
  • When a health issue comes up, knowing where to start, instead of random Google searches

These are the things that I know and I want to show you!

I know this isn’t the only option you have for living a healthier life. 


You could also –

  • Read more books on the latest fad diets (keto, paleo, vegan, … what’s next?)
  • Take some other herbs or supplements your neighbor recommended
  • Exercise more
  • Hire a physical therapist or trainer
  • Make more doctor’s visits (more labs and scans and meds to try)
  • Ask your friends what they do
  • Watch some YouTube videos
  • Listen to another podcast
  • ???

Sometimes you need more than another podcast or book. 

How nice would it be to

  • Wake up with energy after a restful night’s sleep?
  • Not get sick or have allergies when everyone else at the office is?
  • Get a whole day’s worth of work done and not have a sore neck or back after?
  • Plan a vacation with lots of walking and know you’ll feel fine?
  • Have a fulfilling sex life?

You're one step away from finding out.  

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There are so many misconceptions about health out there:

  • Eating tons of salad and smoothies is “healthy eating”
  • Foam rolling hurts if you’re doing it right
  • When you have a hurt joint, you should NOT move
  • Headaches, menstrual cramps, and allergies are “normal”
  • Pain, mental decline, and fatigue are “normal” parts of aging
  • Menopause has to be difficult and uncomfortable
  • You don’t need your gall bladder, tonsils, appendix, or uterus
  • You should take antibiotics for a sinus infection


Who are you going to listen to?  

I think about the scene from (1989) Batman when the Joker is throwing a party downtown, raining money on all.  He says, “Who you gonna trust?  Me???  I’m giving away free money!  And where… is the Batman? .... He's at home, washing his tights!"  Then he releases poisonous gas upon the crowd. 

The media, the government, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry... they could care less about your health.  

I care.    

So why haven’t you been able to take control of your health? 

It’s not from lack of trying or lack of information.  In fact, I’d argue that there’s too much information out there which creates confusion. 

“A confused mind does nothing.” (Mary Kay Ash)

We’re told to avoid gluten, so we stock up on “gluten-free” products – and still don’t feel well. 

We’re told to eat more vegetables, but which ones, and how do you make them into a real meal that fills you up?  Or more importantly, make them delicious?  And have time to cook them?!

We’re told to “stretch” to get rid of pain, but which stretches, and why are we still tense and stiff?  It’s not working! 😩

What or who do you pay attention to and who or what do you ignore?

And when do you know when you’ve “arrived?”!  How can you tell if what you’re doing works for you? 

It’s about how you feel - physically and mentally.  We all have very similar needs to other humans.  This alone tells us what works.  Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night works.  Keeping your shoulder blades down and back while you’re working works.  Eating vegetables every day and drinking plenty of fresh water works. 

But we’re also individuals.  Some things that work for other people don’t work for us. 

Dairy is a perfect example.  Some people just don’t tolerate any of it. 

And then, there’s levels.  Meaning, levels of quality. 

Going back to the dairy example - low quality would be those name-brand yogurts (I won’t name names, but let’s say they rhyme with Go-play or Cannon).  It’s pretty crappy/conventional dairy with sugar and “natural and artificial” (!?) flavors added in.  A level up you have organic flavored yogurts.  One up from that is plain, full-fat yogurt.  A level up from that you have raw, full-fat, plain yogurt.

Another example is if 2 people have plantar fasciitis (foot pain), one of them may find relief with deep calf stretches, and the other may find relief from strengthening their arches.  We all have our unique story. 

To have health, we need to change our approach to health. 

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