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Unlock the Power of Better Posture:
Your Key to a Pain-Free Life


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The #1 Treatment for Lower Back Pain 

The results for Primal Posture are heads above the rest (literally!).  Most people report feeling "completely cured" or "almost cured" by fixing their posture.    

Acupuncture, massage, PT, and chiropractic offer natural solutions to pain as well.  But while most therapies are passive, fixing your posture puts you in control.    


Any-body Can Do It

In the last 100 years or so, we've lost a lot of what helped our ancestors stay mostly pain-free.  The great news is that you can get it back.  No equipment or background skills required.  

All the movements can be done literally by anyone with a body, motivation, and a mind that's ready to do something different.  


Posture Transfers Into All Movements

Once you understand the basics of Primal Posture, you can use the elements to up-level your workout; sit at work without hurting; or plan that hiking trip you've been putting off until your knee recovers.  

Every. Single. Movement can benefit from better alignment.  You can use it to get out of pain; stay out of pain; and do whatever you want with your life.  

Want to understand your body better?

Join me for this free masterclass. You'll learn the tools and techniques that take you from tense and tight to strong and balanced.  

Changing your posture takes more than just a positive mindset.  Although that does help to get started.  

Let me help you cut through all the online noise about how to relieve your

  • sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • hip pain
  • weird, moving, aching, or stabbing sensations
  • stiff neck
  • jaw tension
  • knee pain
  • ankle pain
  • plantar faciitis
  • and almost every other sort of ache, tightness or pain there is

I use only down-to-earth, natural stuff that's been working for thousands of years.  

We just need to refresh your muscle memory!

"Is this for me?"

  • Try¬†some¬†more one-off exercises... OR get to the root cause of your¬†tension, aches, or¬†pains.
  • What most people consider "good posture" includes a vital mistake.¬† Want to find out?
  • "It's just because of ...(how I'm sleeping / traveling / my job / my kids / etc.)"...or is it?
  • Knowing why¬†PT/yoga/pilates/etc. is helpful will¬†level up your practice
  • The 3¬†techniques you need for¬†pain relief - most people only focus on 1
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A Note From Nicole...

This may sound weird, but I don't have 'perfect posture.'

But, I do know what I need to do.

And, yes, it does involve work.  You may sweat a little.  You may have to set some reminders on your calendar to do your exercises.  Which will most likely make you sore (at first).  

But you got this.  And I'll be there for you every step of the way.   

The progress you feel is worth it.  Every week, you get stronger, you have more energy, and you can do more of what lights you up.  

When you don't have pain, pain doesn't take up space in your mind.  You're free!  That's the goal.  Freedom of your body and mind.